Scoping your Part B Application

When choosing which Part B to apply for, you should read the relevant guidance document carefully, paying particular attention to the “Footprint” and sub-sectors that are covered by that Part B.

You might not offer training provision in every one of the sub-sector areas; however, you must operate in at least one sub-sector.  Your Application should cover all of the Part B’s listed sub-sectors that you offer provision in.

When you are scoping your Part B Application, you should only include those areas that are directly relevant to the Part B you are applying for. Don’t forget though that whatever you scope in should also have been scoped in for your Part A Application.

Your Part B scope needs to be defined sensibly to demonstrate that the operations providing the expertise under assessment work to a common strategy, and this strategy defines approaches which are deployed coherently across those operations.

Think around your approach to the particular sector, and whether there is a specific set of products and services that you offer to them; does this match with a clear boundary of specific teams or staff members, whom your organisation look to for their expertise?

The more clearly defined the scope can be, the easier it will be to conduct a focused Verification Visit, and the more valuable the feedback will be.

More information on scoping your Part A can be found here.