I already have Part A and want Part B

If you have already successfully achieved your Part A Certification and wish to apply for Part B(s), the process you went through when you applied for your Part A differs slightly for a Part B only application.

When can I apply for Part B(s)?

You can apply for Part B(s) up to two years after successfully achieving your Part A, or alternatively you can apply for them at the same time as your Part A application.

You cannot hold a Part B without a valid Part A.

Will I need to resubmit Part A?

There is no need to resubmit your Part A application in full. However, if your application submission date for Part B(s) is 6 Months or more after your Part A Certification date, you will need to submit a refreshed Part A. You will need to submit a refreshed A.0, A.5 and A.6 when you send in your Part B application(s).

The Assessment team will also have sight of your full Part A application, as this will help to put your Part B application in context.

Will Validation need to be conducted again?

Validation is the part of the assessment process where your employer customers are contacted to ask if they would recommend you. It is not conducted for a Part B(s) only assessment, as this will already have been completed when you were assessed for Part A.

How long will the Assessors be on site for?

This depends on how many Part Bs you apply for and how many sites need to be visited; your Assessors may potentially spend less time on site than for your Part A application.