I'm a training provider

The Training Quality Standard is an assessment framework and certification process which recognises and celebrates the best organisations delivering high quality, high impact training to employers.

For training providers, large and small, the Standard offers a framework to drive improvement and challenge thinking on how best to achieve impact in your employer customers’ businesses.

With its research and development engaging over 600 organisations, the Standard reflects employers' priorities and expectations in sourcing training, and assesses whether providers can meet those priorities and expectations when they deliver to employers.

The Standard is a mark for training providers to aspire to because it’s tough to achieve – and through it, their performance really sets them apart from the competition.

The Training Quality Standard’s assessment framework has two Parts, each assessing a provider’s particular competence in delivering training and development to employers:

  • Part A focuses on responsiveness – this Part assesses how well a training provider manages its services to ensure a high quality customer experience to each employer they work with.
  • Part B focuses on sector expertise – this Part assesses how well a provider develops an understanding of a particular local sector or industry, and deploys products and services to meet those employers’ requirements.

For many training providers the Standard offers a challenge to learn about and improve their delivery. Most organisations assessed against the Standard find that it changes their thinking and practice offering valuable insights into the way they work.

This section of the website is for training providers of all types - from small businesses to large colleges, to universities and employers who provide external training – that wish to learn about the Training Quality Standard and assessment and certification. Please explore the links on the left for more information.