Committed to Training Quality (CTQ)

If you’ve been considering assessment for a while, but are unsure whether your organisation is ready, support is now available to help. Committed to Training Quality (or CTQ) is a new option, offering a first step on your TQS improvement journey.

Designed by the Standard's Managing Body (CFE), it offers a lightweight, low-cost gap analysis so that any organisation can identify its strengths and areas for improvement against the TQS assessment framework. More importantly the process helps provide focus for future improvement efforts; using experienced Assessors to help users establish a starting point for both improving their responsiveness to employers and preparing their organisation for assessment.

CTQ isn’t limited to organisations interested in assessment but does offer a valuable step to those that are. A milestone on a journey towards assessment and certification, it also represents a commitment to the principles that underpin the Standard. This commitment is formally recognised by awarding CTQ status, for 12 months, to all organisations that complete the journey - all organisations completing the gap analysis process will be listed on the TQS website.

To find out more about CTQ, and to learn how your organisation can register for this, please contact the Managing Body using [email protected].