I'm interested in Part B

TQS Part B focuses on those areas where organisations have specific sector expertise, having already demonstrated their ability to serve employers through Part A. Providers can apply to be assessed against Part B but must apply alongside TQS Part A or have previously secured a Part A Certification.

Providers can choose to apply for Certification in as many Part Bs as they offer training in.

A Part B Certification allows a provider to demonstrate that they are responsive to the training needs of a particular sector and that they understand the requirements of employer customers within that sector.

There are currently 27 Part B’s that a provider may apply for ranging from Health Care to Engineering. Each Part B is aligned to a Sector Skills Council (SSC) who has responsibility for producing the Part B guidance and for conducting a review of each Part B application relevant to their sector.

The role of the SSC is a valuable part of the process as it provides an opportunity for sector specific points to be raised to the Assessors for them to bear in mind when they visit the training provider.

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