About the Standard

The Training Quality Standard is an assessment framework and an assessment and certification process which has been designed to recognise and celebrate the best organisations delivering training and development solutions to employers.

Certification against the Training Quality Standard is tough to achieve, so we can be confident in endorsing organisations to employers. Consequently, the Standard is something which organisations can aspire to, and be proud of when they achieve it.

The Training Quality Standard was developed with employers and has been designed to reflect employers' priorities and expectations in sourcing training and development solutions, and the practices of the organisations proven to be the best at delivering them.

It is the only standard dedicated to helping employers identify not just high quality training, but the organisations that are best equipped to ensure training is both flexible and approached in a manner that will help them establish the return on their investment.

Responsiveness and Expertise

The Training Quality Standard’s assessment framework has two Parts, each assessing a particular competence in delivering training and development to employers:

  • Part A focuses on responsiveness – how well a provider manages its services to ensure a high quality customer experience to an employer, assessed across the entire organisation as it appears to an employer.
  • Part B focuses on sector expertise – how well a provider delivers training relevant to the requirements of employers in a particular sector, assessed within the parts of the provider delivering the sector focus.

Part A is for all organisations delivering training and development solutions; Part B focuses on those areas where organisations have expertise, having already demonstrated their ability to serve employers through Part A.

Consequently, to demonstrate the qualities the Standard looks for across the two Parts, an organisation must start by managing successful relationships with its employer customers, regardless of which part of the organisation they work with (Part A), and then move on to demonstrate its particular areas of sector expertise (Part B).

More information on the Assessment Framework can be found by using the links on the left hand side or by clicking here.

If you are interested in seeking assessment and Certification under Part B of the Standard you can find more information by using the links on the left hand side or by clicking here.

More information

Using the links on the left hand side of this subsection you can also access information on:

  • Benefits – Why should providers consider seeking assessment
  • Case Studies – To further demonstrate the benefits of TQS and to share experiences of providers assessed and Certificated under the Standard
  • Background – To provide an understanding of the Standard’s origins and development
  • TQS Assessors

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