I want support

Training providers who are thinking about going for the Standard may wish to use the pre-application resources in this section to support their decision, and help prepare you for your journey.

The Readiness Check  is a tool that will help you and your organisation determine how ready you are for assessment against the Training Quality Standard. It will also suggest what areas your organisation may need to concentrate on before registering for assessment.

The Mapping Guide has been designed to show providers how the Training Quality Standard compares and links to other leading quality assessment frameworks. It looks at five other frameworks to identify where their different elements map to the TQS and to what extent.

The World Class Skills programme has been developed to provide support to LSC funded providers. It includes workshops, seminars and consultancy to assist providers to work successfully with employers and deliver flexible, responsive and high-quality training.

This section also contains a page on general guidance and help which is a list of useful points to consider when thinking about your application, and your TQS journey as a whole.

You may also want to attend an Applicant Training Course before registering for assessment, which will give attendees an overview of what to expect from assessment, as well as a chance to ask questions and speak to other like-minded training providers. Details of these and other relevant events can be found on the Events page.

If you are interested in procuring additional support around the standard, please contact the TQS helpline on 0845 225 1310, or email [email protected].