I want to register for TQS

The first step for training providers who are interested in applying for the Training Quality Standard is to register for assessment with a Certification Body.

What is a Certification Body?

A Certification Body is an organisation, appointed by The Learning and Skills Council, which is licensed to carry out Training Quality Standard Assessments and issue Certifications. This is so applicant-organisations have more choice in the assessment services available to them.

There are two licensed Certification Bodies, both are national so can assess any eligible organisation around the country. In most cases, an applicant-organisation will have the choice between both Certification Bodies that they can work with.

Both the Certification Bodies are independently regulated by the UK Accreditation Service using ISO standards.

How do I choose a Certification Body?

Organisations will still be assessed using the same Assessment Framework and rigorous process, whichever Certification Body they choose.  What may vary is the cost or time-frame of the Assessment and applicant organisations will need to contact the Certification Bodies available to them to find out and compare these details. Certification Bodies can be contacted by telephone and email. Contact details can be found here.

How do I register?

Before registering, applicant-organisations may want to look at the checklist to see what they need to have considered before registering.

After contacting your preferred Certification Body and confirming that you wish for your organisation to be assessed by them, you will be required to fill in a registration form. This could be filling in a registration form and returning via email or post, or registering online.

What is the next step after registration?

After registration, your Certification Body will be in touch to go through the next steps of your assessment. The full assessment process is detailed on the ‘Assessment Process’ page, which can be found here