Benefits of the Standard

The Training Quality Standard is the only Standard dedicated to helping employers identify not just high quality training, but the organisations best equipped to ensure training is both flexible and approached in a manner that will help you establish the return on your investment.

Certification is tough to achieve and we can be confident it recognises only the best, making it a benchmark for all providers to aspire towards and a signpost for employers when seeking a training provider.

Here are some reasons why.

  1. The Standard is concerned with providers that deliver high quality training and development solutions to employers. It is given only to the best.
  2. The Standard’s Assessment framework was developed by consulting with over 600 employers across the country to find out what was most important to them when buying training - so you can be sure a TQS provider knows what really matters to a business.
  3. The size of the organisation, training solutions offered or links to public programmes aren’t important - what matters most is what the solutions achieve for employers.
  4. Rather than becoming “just another badge”, Certification is something that signals an organisation’s commitment to quality and ongoing improvement.
  5. Providers that achieve Certification will have demonstrated that their approaches to training both satisfy, and impact on, the businesses they work with.
  6. The Assessment Process includes talking to past customers of training providers making them integral to both the evidence base and assessment process, meaning that the training you receive is endorsed by those who have already experienced it.

Remember, the Training Quality Standard has been developed to recognise and highlight the best organisations delivering training and development solutions to employers.

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