What does assessment involve?

You should submit your application(s) with any additional information required.  For Part A applications, this will include contact lists for all employers for whom you have delivered training and development solutions in the past 12 months.  With the application(s) submitted, the following steps will take place:

  • A Lead Assessor will review your application, scoring it against the assessment framework and identify issues they would like to check during the Verification visit.
  • Two Assessors will arrange a day or more to be on site with you, to conduct a Verification Visit.  They will plan the visit and advise you of an agenda for the day.
  • The Assessors will, after conducting the visit, agree a score and recommendation for your application.  Unless the score is significantly below the hurdle necessary to pass, a Validation Survey will be conducted, telephoning a representative sample of your employer customers to see if a sufficient number will recommend your services to support the application.

The outcomes of these steps will all go to the Certification Panel; the Panel makes all decisions with regard to certification under the Standard.  Their decision will be forwarded to you once it is made, and followed up by a return visit from your Lead Assessor, to present a Feedback Report.

How long does the assessment take?
Your Certification Body will discuss timescales with you. Please click here to find out more about Certification Bodies.
Timely conclusion of an assessment will be helped where an application is submitted for the deadline agreed with your Certification Body, and will depend upon the collaboration you can offer to the Assessor team in arranging the Verification Visit.

How much will assessment cost?
For information on costs, please contact one of the Certification Bodies, who will be able to run you through their pricing policy. You can find out more about Certification Bodies here, and contact details here.